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North American Advantage Insurance Services Testimonials

“David emailed me about six months after my initial contact. I had totally blown off looking for new insurance as we had an unexpected job loss in the household and our credit scores were steadily decreasing; therefore I felt I was stuck with my current rates. I gave David all the information of our current provider, auto and home and somehow, someway, he found a way to drop $97 off my monthly auto bill and $300 a year off my homeowners. This has greatly reduced some of the stress in our budget and I appreciate David and his persistence (because I was procrastinating the whole time, scared to change). Thanks David!!!!”

“January 26, 2010. To: David Smith. I would like to express my sincere gratitude for working with me to reduce my Insurance costs. Your efforts helped to cut my auto insurance cost to half of what I was charged by my prior carrier (Allstate) and reduced my homeowners insurance by one third for the same coverage. I was equally pleased at how comfortable I was talking with you regarding my insurance options and the trust I had in North American Advantage Insurance Services in resolving my insurance needs . I would recommend North American as a preferred insurance services provider to anyone with insurance needs and who desire to reduce their insurance costs."

Thanks, Mark Gazaway

“Brian has literally saved me and my dad thousands of dollars in premiums and we've got twice the coverage, no joke, and literally half the deductibles too. If anybody can beat what you're paying I think Brian can. He's saved me money for years now. Listen to me - I sound like an insurance commercial - but it's all true."

Scott Reese-Waxahachie, TX

“My family and I have been with Nationwide Insurance for years and we were initially very skeptical and uneasy about switching insurance carriers. After talking to Brian and thoroughly going over all of our insurance products, he not only put us at ease about switching companies, but also saved us about 20% a year. Having the ability to chose amongst over a dozen insurance company’s quotes at the same time saved me valuable time and a lot of frustration in making sure I was getting the best rate. Many thanks to Brian and North American for doing such a wonderful job!!"

James Williams - Plano, TX

“There are some things that, as a consumer, you’re just not very comfortable with regarding the amount of knowledge or rather lack of knowledge that you possess. Homeowners insurance is one of those foreign concepts that, now matter how many times I’ve insured a home, I’ve just never fully understood it. Brian Dixon took the time to thoroughly educate me and make me realize why it’s so important to work with an Independent Agent. Captive agents, like my former company State Farm, are literally employees of the insurance company and have a conflict of interest when it comes to what is best for me and my family. I’d like to thank Brian for also saving my family over $1,500 a year and thanks in advance for making sure that we always have the best rates in the future."
Brett Inman – Garland, TX

“Brian, thanks to you and your people, my family is saving over $1,000 a year! Thank you!!!"
Pramood Hagalwadi – Weatherford, TX

“Brian is the man!! He saved us over $1,000 on our home and autos over Farmers Insurance. With all the companies he represents and the way he treats his clients, he has just earned a customer for life. Thank you for your excellent service."

Charles Encinias – Farmers Branch, TX

“I just want to give a great big thank you to Brian Dixon of North American. I hate messing with insurance, but his personal touch and expert analysis not only got me the best rate that I could find, by a lot, but he taught me things I would have never known otherwise. When someone is as nice and thoughtful as Brian and then also saves you so much money that it cuts your premiums in half, how can you go wrong? Thanks again Brian."
Travis Wills – Arlington, TX

“I was getting ready to close on a house and didn’t realize that if an asphalt roof is layered over old wood shingles that most insurance companies won’t cover it. I was about to give up and begin looking for a new house to buy, when Brian Dixon saved the day. He knew exactly what company would take my roof and it was a great premium too!! He also saved me money on my auto insurance. All that goes without mentioning that he has a great sense of humor and was really fun getting to know. I feel like I have an agent that I can keep."
Elaine Moore – Carrollton, TX

We are happy to write on behalf of North American Advantage Insurance Services. We have been thoroughly impress with their professionalism, knowledge, follow through and outstanding customer service. North American Advantage Insurance Services was able to review our current home and auto policies and determine which insurance carrier and coverages would best suit us. It was also suggested by our financial advisor, that we should obtain at least a $1,000,000.00 umbrella policy. North American Advantage Insurance Services was not only able to switch us over to a respected, well known, national company, but was able to obtain 3 times the amount of coverage, including the $1,000,000.00 umbrella, and we still are saving $ 450 .00 annually. We highly recommend North American Advantage Services with complete confidence...they take pride in what they do!!

Mark & Mary Williams - Pleasanton, CA

Awesome job David ! :) I really appeciate your help, professionalism , and saving tons of $$$ . This really did make my day and weekend.

Bonnie Barker (North American Title) - Arlington, TX

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